Friday, 31 March 2017

Recycled Creature Art Reflection Term 1 Week 9

WALT: find information and write in my own words
This Friday we have our Grey Main School Family Fiesta evening and we had to make a recycled sea creature. I made a narwhal because they are cool and I knew a lot about them.   Narwhal Song! - YouTube  Here is my fact file about my sea creature.


  1. Kia ora Harris it's Sebastian from Grey Main School. I like how you made a Narwhal because you were the only one that did a Narwhal. Could you try to put more info in. This reminds me of making my one but I made a Jellyfish. Did you enjoy making this? Mai (From) Sebastian.

  2. Thanks Sebastian i will youse that help

  3. Kia ora Harris. My name is Heaven Ngakuru and I go to Tautoro school and I am in room 4. I like how you made added a link to take you to somewhere else. But next time I encourage you to add more information about your work so you can teach others new things and maybe you could add some photos just so it could stand out in the crowd. Also here is a little tip, add a question or something fascinating so you can catch peoples attention instead for them to just scroll past your work. Well, overall I loved reading this. But just remember the things that I told you. Well that's all from be blog ya later.


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.